Natural Stones for a Minimalist Approach

In the past decade, minimalism in interior design has noticed a surge in popularity.

The reasons for this are simple (and understandable): with the chaos that people face in everyday life a home should be a place for rest.

And, let’s be honest, minimalism is as relaxing as it gets.

Deriving from Scandinavian design, the minimalist approach is all about using the bare minimum of furniture and decor and an inventive use of textures and shapes. Combined with a lot of light, the empty, clean space that minimalist furniture provides, gives a feeling of ease and comfort.

If you are one of the minimalism lovers (and I bet that you are, since you’re reading this) – keep on reading as I’ll share a couple of tips on how you can use natural stones to easily achieve a minimalist look in your home.

Stay on the Neutral Side of Colors

When people think of minimalistic design, it’s usually white, or shades of gray that pop into mind. These colors are popular for a reason – they are neutral, easy to combine and create a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

The neutral color rule is not to be followed only when it comes to furniture – you can also use these shades as your basis for choosing a natural stone you’ll include in your interior design.

So, if you’re going for an elegant, clean look, choose a silky white stone, while stones that are a combination of gray, blue, or black will add a little color to your space, making it seem more playful and energetic.

Staying neutral does not mean that you have to write off all colors. You can use earth tones (grayish brown is super popular!), or soft greens and blues. Even yellow can look good, just don’t overdo it.

The key is to keep it minimal. If you’re not sure how to play with color, adding some details like a single pillow, a painting, or a vase is always a safe option.

Play with Patterns

The fact that minimalism strays away from color does not mean that the interior will be boring. In fact, the lack of color gives you all the freedom to play with textures and patterns.

Again, just like with color, your playfulness does not have to end with your furniture. Play with the details. Play with the stone.

The natural stone you choose for your countertops or the floors is a great part of the overall image of your home. So be playful – go for a marble in dark shade, or a stone-patterned with a rainbow of grays.

The choice is vast. And, the best thing about natural stone is that you can never have the same pattern twice.

That’s the beauty of natural materials – they are not only giving a sense of warmth but are highly unique as well.

Don’t Forget About the Texture

The texture is another important point you need to have in mind when making the natural stone choice. First, you need to find a texture that fits the purpose, so for a kitchen countertop, you have to consider the material’s durability and maintenance. It would be best to go for smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. For your floors, on the other hand, a rugged texture might be a better fit.

Final Notes

Minimalism is a great designer approach, as by setting the limits it sets you free.

It limits the use of color, to keep the space looking clean, bright, and clutter-free, but it invites patterns and textures that will give your home a warm, sleek look.

So, instead of “suffocating” your space with pieces of furniture you don’t even need, go for a more modern look, where the whites you use will accentuate the textures and natural materials you choose.

Of course, minimalism is not for everyone, so if you are a fan of rustic design, suddenly decorating your home using minimalist aesthetics can feel strange and unnatural, cold, and even empty.

However, using natural materials in your décor will definitely bring the warmth you need to make the space feel more homey and cozy.

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.