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EZTREAD Stairs in Lewes, DE

EZTREAD® is a New Castle, Delaware-based manufacturing business that designs and produces a durable hardwood staircase refacing systems, including prefinished natural wood risers and treads, which give stairs a new and attractive look. We supply EZTREAD to retail stores and work with distributors to get our products to customers in different areas. Our systems feature 17 species of hardwoods that are available in a variety of stain colors. We offer handscrapped, wirebrushed and two color techniques to compliment your floors. UV finish is offered in semi gloss. Special orders can be done in sateen and high gloss.

Additionally, we provide exceptional customer service. Whether you have questions about installing our products or selling them, we’re always ready to offer assistance. To ensure your satisfaction, we educate our potential customers on correct installation and maintenance procedures. Because we started installing EZTREAD® ourselves (no longer offer), we know what the installer has to face and how to help you avoid costly problems. We also provide sales support to retailers. Our goal is to make sure you know everything you need to know for easy installation so that you will recommend our products to others.