Building Aesthetically Beautiful Waterfront Homes

Written by Louise Weston

water front home

Designing an aesthetically beautiful waterfront home starts with considering the house’s placement relative to the water. Having buildings or facilities near the water (like a dock) make the house more convenient for water activities and generally raises its value. On the other hand, having infrastructure that maintains a certain distance from the water means less vulnerability to flooding and saltwater-related wear-and-tear. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

Almost any architectural style will work for waterfront homes. What’s important is how the design of a home takes advantage of the fact that it’s on a picturesque waterfront. In other words: great views are a must. If you don’t have plenty of windows or at least a balcony that’s overlooking the water, what do you need a waterfront home for? There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and peacefully having your morning cup of tea or coffee while seated on a balcony that’s pointed at the coast.

Apart from ensuring that you have plenty of areas with great views, another thing you have to worry about is what you can actually do with and to the property. Designing a beautiful home starts with laying down the scopes and limitations of your plans. How much of the water and the land is legally yours, and what kind of structures can you legally build? Ocean beaches are usually public property. Meanwhile, properties near freshwater reservoirs may not give you physical access to the water at all. Consider the standing laws first before laying out your design.

Various modern and traditional architectural styles can be used to create a beautiful waterfront home. One option is to find an old waterfront house with structures that have been grandfathered into the land. This means that you’ll only have to renovate existing structures instead of having to worry about designing to current building code standards. Of course, there’s also the option of starting from scratch, which will allow you to customize your home’s aesthetics to your precise wants and needs. This gives you many new options in terms of overall architecture and design. Do you want a traditional home by the water or a minimalist Zen retreat overlooking the sea?

Our country’s vast coastal land presents many opportunities for gorgeous waterfront residences. Delaware is just one of the many states with residential real estate right on the coast. On the West Coast, many brokers in California offer land as well as previously owned residences on their gorgeous freshwater rivers and coastal properties. Back here on the East Coast, Miami attracts the rich and famous via large, sprawling, luxurious villas with direct access to the ocean. Miami’s numerous waterfront options also make it popular for those looking to start a new life. Whichever type of waterfront home you want, it’s set to be part of a rich American tradition.

Whether you’re renovating a previously-owned property or building a home from scratch, any construction or renovation must be supplied with high-quality building materials that can stand up to the wear-and-tear of permanently being near a large water source. Otherwise, you’ll only be risking the integrity of your future home and end up with more renovation expenses in the future. Either build using high-quality materials or don’t build at all.

Consider the humidity and future water damage when designing the aesthetics of your home. Glass works very well at providing great views of the surroundings while keeping the water out. Teak and other types of wood weather work well even with constant exposure to moisture. The surrounding foliage can also add to the aesthetic value of your home. 

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