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The Christmas season. Referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year,” often brings out the best in us. It’s the season of giving, not only of gifts but of charity and kindness as well. It’s a time when individuals and businesses alike share what they have with those in need. Just like you, we at Atlantic Millwork take pride in our local community and strive to make it a better place.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Donations

Did you know over 200 homeless children live in the Cape Henlopen School District?

Did you also know many of these children lack the essential supplies to live a healthy life? Things that most of us take for granted, such as food, a bed, even a pillow or pillowcase to lay our head on at night.

Try and imagine this scenario, every night you go to sleep you lay down on the cold floor or maybe an old couch or in a bed with multiple siblings, with no pillow to rest your head or blanket to keep you warm. That is the reality many of the homeless children in our school district live each and every day.

Did you know you can help change this?

South Bethany house wins national architectural award

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Exterior of the Ethridge's house

(Photo: Scott Edmonston Submitted Image)

A house in South Bethany and its architect and builder have won a 2017 Integrity Windows and Doors Red Diamond Achiever Award award for their work on the house in the annual competition.

Architect Scott Edmonston of SEA Studio Architects and Shay Gallo of Shay Gallo Construction Inc. won the award for their work with the Integrity windows and doors from Marvin.

“I think Integrity likes modern architecture,” Edmonston said. “So they wanted to recognize some houses like this one that had a little different take on architecture.”

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